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The ExactPower SP15A has been designed to isolate and reduce unwanted noise from your audio/video front-end equipment for improved picture and sound quality. The unique feature of the SP15A is a single, oversized 1800 watt transformer, powering eight output receptacles.

The ExactPower SP15A provides 15 Amps of symmetrical power. The voltage on the output receptacles is symmetrical around the earth ground. The „Line“ and „Neutral“ are of equal voltage and opposite polarity or phase. The voltage is 60Vac on each side of ground, so that the total output is USA standard 120Vac.

Critical to the SP15A is the design and manufacturing process of the transformer. At ExactPower we design and manufacture all our own transformers in-house in the USA, and we utilize only the best materials and highest-quality workmanship. This ensures that transformers meet our stringent specifications and perform to their full potential. The kind of transformer used in the SP15A is toroidal — the only type that can give the best results. The transformer must provide isolation, noise reduction, and inaudible acoustic noise. The transformers are wound with a proprietary symmetrical layering method. This method reduces the „Common Mode Noise“ that is present on both incoming „Line“ and „Neutral.“ An electrostatic shield is placed between the primary (input) side and the secondary (output) side of the transformer. This reduces noise by using a copper strip that is connected to the earth ground. High frequency noise on the primary is shunted to the shield and then to ground, so it never reaches your components. Precision winding provides for a consistent transformer.

There are two units to choose from: one without the EMI and RFI filters to be used in conjunction with the EP15A, and one with the filters to be used as a stand-alone product. Although the unit with filters can be used with the EP15A, the filters are redundant since the EP15A incorporates these filters. The SP15A also incorporates filters for digital equipment on four of the receptacles. These filters block any digital noise that may be present on the power line of a digital product from contaminating other products powered by the SP15A.

  • Total power delivery of 1800 watts
  • One 1800 watt, oversized, custom-built, toroidal symmetrical transformer
  • Four 15 amp, isolated, full-contact Hubble NEMA duplex receptacles, including one GFI (total 8 outlets)
  • Reduces common mode noise by a factor of 100, and inverse noise by at least a factor of 10
  • Available with or without EMI / RFI filtering
  • High current, high frequency filters to remove the digital noise from connected digital equipment
  • Rack mount option
  • Available in silver and black
  • Available for worldwide use (for balanced 220/230/240 volt configurations, until works as shielded isolation transformer only)
  • Designed and manufactured in USA