Meridian 810

Meridian 810

Meridian 810

For almost 15 years, Meridian has been developing and manufacturing award-winning video products – from DVD players to projectors – that, together with the company’s advanced digital audio components, create the Meridian Digital Theatre. Now, Meridian takes the next step towards perfecting the home viewing experience with the Meridian 810 Reference Video System.

Your Private Theatre

The 810 systems offer the highest resolution video image available at home, or commercially. The 810 features unique Meridian technologies that produce an image of 10-mega pixels from any source today. To help understand this, HD Television broadcast is 2 mega pixels, meaning that the 810 will display the same signals with a projected image of 5 times the resolution! The beauty of the 810 is its image quality from sources that are readily available, such as HD Television and Blue Ray discs on screens up to 23 feet wide.

A key element to its picture quality is a four-day calibration process, which guarantees that every 810 delivers the same lifelike video, regardless of screen shape, material, or content displayed.

Using the highest resolution light engine, the Meridian 810 Reference Video Projector offers an effective resolution of 4096 x 2400 pixels, or 9,830,400 pixels. In comparison, a conventional HDTV image at 720p represents just one megapixel, while full-spec HD (1080p) is still only twice that.

The Meridian 810 Reference Video Projector also has extremely high light output capability. Powered by a PKI Xenon lamp, the projector is capable of delivering up to 4000 lumens, enough to light even the very largest grey or white screen to the SMPTE standard Hollywood reference level of 16 foot-Lamberts reflected light. One of the mesmerizing qualities of film is detail in shadows. The 810 projector has a native contrast ratio of 10,000:1, ensuring that even in the most difficult scenes, such as those combining bright light and dark, shadow detail is never lost.

Complete Projections Systems

The Meridian 810 Reference Video System is a complete package consisting of both projector and scalar. Four different packages are offered, featuring lens systems with differing throw lengths. Short, Medium and Long-Throw packages include a special motorized 2.35:1 (Cinemascope®) lens assembly, while a Very Short Throw package, designed for back-projection and simulator applications, and is also available.


  • 10 megapixel (4096 x 2400) Ultra High Definition display derived from three 1.27in diagonal 4096 x 2400 D-ILA chips for smooth, flicker-free, beyond-cinema-quality images.
  • Light output up to 4000 lumens delivers SMPTE cinema reference level for reflected light (16 foot-Lamberts) from grey or white screens up to 23 ft. wide.
  • Native 10,000:1 contrast with organic polarization grid for superb shadow detail and true blacks for film like image quality.
  • Painstakingly calibrated at Meridian’s dedicated facilities over a period of four days using exclusive calibration technology developed by William Phelps. Separate calibration for SD and HD sources. This provides consistent and unmatched picture quality, regardless of source, screen size, or screen material.
  • System includes both projector and specially designed scalar for 480i–1080p inputs
  • High performance interchangeable lenses: short, medium and long-throw package systems include motorized 2.35:1 (Cinemascope®) anamorphic lens; very short-throw package available for back-projection and simulator applications

Beyond 4K

To display an image with a resolution of 10 megapixels requires some very special scaling. To meet this requirement, Meridian has developed the 810 Reference Video Scalar. The 810 scalar are fully interpolative, and offer a significantly higher level of processing. A brand new design, featuring powerful processing technology, the scalar converts any digital source (480i to 1080p) up to full 10-megapixel resolutions.

Projector and scalar form a single system. Serial data commands flow between the two units to select the appropriate projection and image processing parameters at both ends of the chain, so that the image will always be at its best, whether it is receiving it from DVD, HDTV, Blu-ray Disc or alternative sources. The projector is also configured from the scalar interface, which includes a built-in configuration web server, accessed via the scalar’s Ethernet connection.

The scalar accepts both HDMI and DVI inputs and delivers a quad DVI path to the projector. In addition the unit features Meridian commas for full integration with a Meridian Digital Theatre system, RS232 and USB maintenance ports for firmware upgrades (the latter allowing an update to be loaded via a memory stick) and an RS232 connection to the projector.


    Aspect ratio 17:10 (Approx.), Display size (diagonal) 1.27”, Effective Resolution 4096 x 2400, Lamp, PKI Xenon, Output up to 4000 lumens/825W, Power output determined by calibration process for the application, Accumulated lamp time counter and lamp replacement warning
    Several lens options available from very short throw (back-projection) to long throw Anamorphic 2.35:1 (Cinemascope®) capability
    ON/OFF contrast 10,000:1 (typical) ANSI contrast 300:1 (typical) Peripheral brightness > 80%
    Vertical ±90 degrees, Horizontal ±5 degrees, Noise level <45dB(A)
    Associated 810 scalars accepts RGB480i–1080p 24/48/50/60, Direct DVI inputs for 4k x 2k native, Low-delay mode, Display resolution 4096 x 2400
    Up to 4 DVI, RS232 (for control). Ethernet, USB
    Input 100–120V, 200–240VAC Single-phase, 50/60Hz, Max current <15A, Power Consumption <1,500W, Power Consumption (Standby) <2.7W
    Dimensions 663 x 793 x 342-362 mm W D H (including lens and foot)
    Mass: Net 59kg Gross 69kg
    Operation Environment (Temperature): +10°C – +35°C
    Operation Environment (Humidity): Less than 80% (No condensation)
    Storage Temperature: –5°C – +60°C
    2U, 19in rack mounting, uniform with C Series
    17.25 x 13.5 x 3.5in / 437 x 343 x 87mm (W D H) approx., not including protuberances

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