Meridian 861v8

Meridian 861v8

The Meridian 861 sits at the heart of the ultimate movie system, linking all your audio sources such as Blu-ray disc players, at the highest quality. Truly the brains of your home theatre operation, the 861 represents the most advanced example of our ground-breaking DSP control and processing system for the very highest-quality audio and video performance.

Total Performance & Flexibility

Regularly revised since launch, the 861 skilfully combines award-winning performance with the very latest technology. Featuring our patented filter which makes standard resolution sources sound like high-resolution, the 861 also adds extensive connectivity. Its modular approach means that as new technologies develop, the 861 can be easily upgraded, maintaining its world-leading performance levels as well as its value. There is simply no better way to the get the very highest audio quality from high definition sources.

Meridian invented the digital surround controller, and Meridian’s 861 Reference Surround Controller represents the pinnacle of the company’s achievement in the real of surround sound, where it delivers the ultimate realism from multichannel music and movies alike. 861 supports a large number and wide variety of audio sources to ensure that every option is possible. Based around a set of core elements, the 861 can be customised in many ways simply by adding additional cards to build a surround sound controller that provides all the capabilities you need – multiple sources and multiple destinations, driving up to eight loudspeakers.

861 is able to select the right settings for a source automatically, so that you always hear the best. The same player, for example, might deliver stereo sound from a CD or multichannel high-resolution audio from Blu-ray Disc®. 861 selects the correct settings without the need to press a button. The 861v8 core card complement includes: a digital output card; a new card with eight SpeakerLink outputs, for simple, single-wire connection to Meridian DSP Loudspeakers, supporting the latest set of SpeakerLink features including Enhanced Bass Alignment and Centre Elevation with supported loudspeakers; a digital input card with six coaxial digital inputs (configurable as two multichannel SmartLink inputs), plus two Toslink optical inputs, one SpeakerLink input, and one MMHR Meridian Multichannel High Resolution input; an analogue input card with six stereo analogue inputs (phono) with 96/24 ADC, configurable as two multichannel analogue inputs. Also new to 861v8 is a new USB input card for computer playback at maximum quality. The card also includes two SpeakerLink inputs and three optical digital inputs.

Card options for the 861v8 include an unbalanced analogue output card with four phono inputs and 192/24 DAC and a balanced analogue output card with four XLR-3M outputs driven by 192/24 DACs. Improved DSP feeding the analogue outputs delivers a sweeter sound than ever before. There is also a digital input card with four Toslink optical inputs and four SpeakerLink inputs; and the ID41 Digital Media System Card, an endpoint card with Ethernet port. Style, elegance and quality are once again key elements in the 861. The sleek cabinet is attractive enough to be free-standing, but in addition it can be rack-mounted and hidden away.

  • USB input for computer playback, plus optional ID41 card for ultimate quality integration with Meridian Digital Media Systems
  • Improved DSP feeding the analogue outputs provides a sweeter sound
  • Redesigned master oscillator and clocking circuitry reducing jitter by 40% compared to previous models, and the unique proprietary ‘apodising’ upsampling filter pioneered in the 808.2 for enhanced performance
  • Latest design of linear power supply for enhanced overall performance
  • 8-channel SpeakerLink outputs maximise performance with Meridian DSP Loudspeakers, make installation quicker and easier, and include enhanced loudspeaker controls including Centre Elevation and Enhanced Bass Alignment with supported loudspeakers
  • Meridian Room Correction measures room acoustics and applies filters to smooth out resonances, increasing clarity, definition and imaging for a more natural, convincing listening experience

Available in over 270 Ccolours

861 is available in High Gloss Graphite, Silver or Black as standard. Meridian Select, our bespoke colour service, provides a choice of over 270 additional colours and shades to help your Meridian system achieve an ideal match – or striking standout look – within its surroundings. Each 861 is individually built for its owner, with optional cards allowing inclusion of specific features to suit the individual installation.


Exact specifications dependent on card complement. Available card specifications are given below.

Core Cards
The following cards are fitted as standard inside a Meridian 861 Version 8:

  • IE44 6x Digital Audio Inputs, Phono, D1 to D6 can be configured as 2x six-channel digital inputs with Meridian SmartLink performance. 2x Optical Audio Inputs, Toslink. SpeakerLink Input, RJ45. Meridian Multi-channel High Resolution (MMHR) Input, RJ45.
  • IA04 6x Analogue Stereo Inputs, Phono. Can be configured as 2x six-channel analogue inputs.
  • ID29 Digital Input card with 1x USB input, 3x Optical Audio Inputs, Toslink, 2x SpeakerLink inputs, RJ45.
  • OE34 8x Digital Output, SpeakerLink. L, R, C, SUB, Side L, Side R, Rear L, Rear R.
  • CD20 & EF20: Internal (no rear panel) 48-bit DSP cards each containing two Motorola 56367 chips running in dual precision mode, each card offering 300 MIPS (million instructions per second) capability.
  • CO00 Control computer card. Complete with Flash memory, RS232 port for control and status, 3x configurable trigger outputs and 2x Meridian Comms.

Optional Cards

  • OA18 Analogue Output card 4x Analogue Outputs, XLR, configurable, with 24-bit, 192kHz DAC.
  • OA08 Analogue Output card, with 4x Analogue Outputs, Phono, configurable, with 24-bit, 192kHz DAC.
  • ID41 Digital Media System Card. Audio endpoint card with 1x Ethernet network, RJ45.


  • 480mm (18.9in) x 175mm (6.9in) x 411mm (16.2in) (WHD)