Meridian Distributor 3

Meridian Distributor 3

Meridian Distributor 3

The Distributor 3 is perfect for adding Meridian sound throughout your home. It is designed to seamlessly integrate all of your distributed audio sources and control system with any pair of DSP Loudspeakers. Up to three rooms can be added, and multiple Distributor 3 units can be used for additional rooms. Each room can choose any model from Meridian’s extensive range of DSP Loudspeakers, including free standing, bookshelf, or in-wall models.

Distribution made easy

Typically used with a “matrix switch,” each room, or “zone”, can accommodate analogue, digital, and SpeakerLink sources. DSP Loudspeakers can be controlled via the home’s existing control system or handheld IR remote.

Inputs (each of 3 sections)

  • 1 x RS232 control signal (DB9)
  • 1 x SpeakerLink (RJ45)
  • 1 x Analogue stereo pair (phono) converted internally to 24-bit 96kHz digital
  • 1 x Digital S/PDIF coax (phono)
  • 1 x USB B type for configuration if required

Outputs (each of 3 sections)

  • 2 x SpeakerLink (RJ45, Master & Slave)
  • Digital Aux S/PDIF coax (phono) for linking between zones


  • 430 (16.9) x 112 (4.4) x 43.50 (1.71) (W D H mm (in)) (1U, 19in rack-mounting)


  • 1 kg (2.2 lb) approx

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