Meridian DSP520

Meridian DSP520

Meridian DSP520

Offering the same performance as the multi-award winning M6, the DSP520 brings in-wall loudspeaker performance to a new level. Featuring an elegant profile only 8 inches wide, the DPS520 is perfect for delivering high quality music discretely in any room.

Integral to the DSP520’s design is Meridian’s Wide Range Driver Technology. This technology eliminates the traditional crossover between a tweeter and mid-range driver found in every other design and enables the DSP520 to have unmatched mid-range quality especially with voices.

Music and Movies

The DSP520 inherits the latest technologies from Meridian’s DSP7200 including Enhanced Bass Alignment and Centre Elevation, providing incredibly lifelike and spacious sound. This makes the DSP520 a perfect choice for stereo or full surround with virtually no visual impact to the decor. Meridian’s In-wall Loudspeaker range was created to provide no compromise performance in an environment where either floor space is at a premium, or a conventional loudspeaker is simply not suited. The DSP520 takes advantage of new DSP that allows a flexibility of mounting options unmatched by any passive or active loudspeaker. Other in-wall designs are affected by any material placed “in front” of the loudspeaker, including their own grill. The DSP520 has unique DSP settings to allow it to be mounted behind a fabric wall, theater screen, or even its own paintable grill without changing its sound. This provides absolute freedom of mounting without sonic compromise. Additional DSP is provided to allow the DSP520 to play at very high volumes, without distortion, while protecting itself. This makes the DSP520 the perfect loudspeaker for dedicated theater rooms.

  • Digital Signal Processing and active electronic technologies combine to form a space-saving audio system with all the electronics hidden away in the base of each loudspeaker
  • On-board DSP provides thermal and dynamic bass protection with very accurate transients, ensuring pure natural sound at all times, even with extended use at high levels
  • Bass and wide-range drivers are driven by their own amplifiers for pure, uncoloured sound and puts the power exactly where it’s needed
  • 200mm (7.87in) wide

The DSP520 compact in-wall loudspeaker system is the first in a new range of Meridian in-wall DSP Loudspeakers, based around the same advanced driver technology found in the M6 free-standing loudspeaker. Build a complete system from Meridian DSP in-walls, or mix and match them with Meridian’s free-standing loudspeakers to create exactly the system you desire. The sound of Meridian DSP in-walls complements that of Meridian stand-alone loudspeakers, making them the perfect partner for each other. DSP520 features a wide-range 85mm driver plus a 140mm bass driver. Each driver is powered by its own perfectly matched amplifier for clean, powerful and enveloping sound. Its sophisticated RF500 back-box and frame mounting system makes installation simple and easy, and provides the widest range of adjustments for maximum flexibility. Meridian’s SpeakerLink cabling makes wiring simple too.


  • Meridian SpeakerLink connector (RJ45)


  • Meridian SpeakerLink connector (RJ45)


  • 85mm wide-range & 140mm bass


  • 1x 100W Class AB amplifier per wide-range driver
  • 1x 150W Class D amplifier per bass driver


  • All-metal construction throughout, consisting of back-box, mounting frame, aluminium extruded baffle with rear enclosure and front steel grille

Front Panel

  • On/off rocker switch, Fuse holder, IR window
  • Rocker switch selects left-centre-right channel operation
  • LED indicator shows power status


  • IEC mains connector included in back-box connects to flying lead attached to enclosure


  • Visible grille on wall: W x D x H: 222.5 mm (8.73″) x 4.0 mm (0.16″) x 820 mm (32.28″)

For wall cutout and rough-in box dimensions, see engineering drawings and installation instructions

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